PlasticBeautyTravel is medical tourism companies in Lithuania, designed to create a unique environment of access to and delivery of healthcare. Our primary and objective is patient care and satisfaction and we endeavor to achieve it by implementing operational systems that introduce standard and new medical procedures that are easily accessible and at a reduced cost to the consumer.

PlasticBeautyTravel operates out of Lithuania, a country that has emerged as one of the favored destinations for medical tourism among international travelers. This trend is recent and is expected to increase markedly on the heels of the new EU directive, allowing covered access to select healthcare services for patients outside their home-country. We encourage our patients to find the procedure they seek or simply contact us with any questions or doubts.Women’s fashion.

Plasticbeautytravel headquarter is located in the center of Europe – Lithuania, city – Vilnius. Vilnius offers perfect access to the highly developed system of medical care in Lithuania. Lithuania well known for its excellent medical treatment is easily accessible. The cost of living in Lithuania remains competitive when compared to Western European. Additionally, you can take advantage of Lithuania very moderate climate, its beautiful countryside and various historic and cultural highlights.

We are a young dynamic company driven by a group of people full of enthusiasm who help patients in making their dreams come true. We offer internationally renowned experts in the field of infertility treatment, plastic surgeries, dermatologic, orthopaedy treatment, obesity treatment, eye, dental care and etc.Sport and Wellness women’s clothes

Plasticbeautytravel was founded by a highly qualified doctor and a graduated professional in the fields of business administration and tourism. Due to the synergistic combination of business know-how and medical knowledge Plasticbeautytravel and its team is able to offer first class services to help you find the best and most convenient medical treatment.

Our team is here to explain you every concern about medical treatment in Lithuania. We place special emphasis on a transparent and confident behavior regarding explanation of the medical procedures, related risks and discussions with our clients about their health conditions.

To guarantee first-class travel and treatment during your journey Plasticbeautytravel cooperates only with the best doctors in Lithuania and highly reputable travel partners. Plasticbeautytravel has created a strong network and thus, can offer you a tailor made stay in Lithuania to care comprehensively and successfully for your needs. At your discretion, we can arrange an exclusive virtual consultation between you and your doctor. We will be pleased to give you an individual consultation free of charge in order to give you the certainty you deserve and convince you about our unique services. Plasticbeautytravel is very strict in preparing financial budget of your trip. We always clarify final price with no hidden costs included. Moreover, Plasticbeautytravel will do its best to enable you to inspect your recommended and favored clinic or hospital by yourself.

We invite you to take an active role in your medical care and we are convinced that we are a highly professional agency to support you in what is most important to you as an individual: your health and well-being. Our participation on the whole medical treatment process from the beginning to the end is a must. We experience joy from final product in the same way as you. Womens Bikini and Swimsuits