Breast reduction surgery (reduction mammaplasty) is the surgical removal of excess skin and tissue from the breasts. While most patients undergo surgery for both breasts, the operation is also used to create symmetrical breasts.

Who will benefit from breast reduction surgery?

A woman may choose to undergo a breast reduction if she has heavy breasts that have begun to sag, breasts that are out of proportion to her body shape, skin infections under the crease of the breast, asymmetrical breasts or breasts that cause pain to the upper body due to their weight. It may also be for psychological reasons. Younger women (usually under 18 years old) will mostly likely need to wait until their breasts are fully developed before having breast reduction surgery. Women’s Dresses in Los Angeles

Male breast reduction

Some men may also have large breasts and can undergo a breast reduction procedure called gynaecomastia, which will flatten the breast area.


You will be placed under general anesthetic during the breast reduction operation, which can take between 2-4 hours (1 hour for men). An incision will be made around the areola (the brown area surrounding the nipple), down towards crease underneath the breast and then along the crease itself. The unwanted fatty tissue and skin is then removed and the nipples and areola are placed into their new position. Finally the skin is contoured to the right shape, before incisions are closed and sutured. Nipples usually remain attached to the nerves and blood vessels during the breast reduction operation. Tubes may be left in the breasts for a short p Women’s Dresses in New York

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