Your surgery will begin with the administration of general anesthesia. Once you are asleep the surgeon will make an incision to place the implant.

Breast implant placement methods:

Most surgeons make an incision under the natural fold of the breast. However, this creates a visible scar.

The surgeon can also make an incision under the arm and insert the implant using an endoscope. This leaves no scar on the breast, but a small scar under the arm.

The surgeon can make a cut around the areola to insert the implant. However, this may interfere with sensation and cause problems with breast feeding.

A new technique allows your surgeon to use an endoscope to place your implant through an incision near your belly button.

The breast implant is placed behind the breast bone or behind the outer layer of chest wall. Women’s Dresses in San Antonio


After the Procedure

After the procedure you will be taken to recovery. Your vitals will be monitored carefully during this time. When you have woken from the surgery and your vitals are stable you will be moved to a regular hospital room or released from care.

After the surgery you will have a tightly wrapped dressing around your breast and chest. You may even be required to wear a surgical bra. Some women may have surgical drains in their breasts. These drains are removed within 3 days of the procedure. Women’s Dresses in Chicago

Self care after breast augmentation:

Resume light activity within 1 to 2 days of surgery

Return to work within 7 to 14 days

Avoid heavy lifting for 3 to 6 weeks

Avoid strenuous activity and exercise for 3-6 weeks

Avoid stretching arms out for 3 to 6 weeks

No driving for 2 weeks



Most patients are very satisfied with the outcome of their breast augmentation procedure. Many feel an improved sense of self-confidence and enjoy their appearance more once they are healed.Stylish women’s clothing


Risks and Complications

As is with any surgery there are risks associated with breast augmentation surgery. The following is a list of the most common risks and complications:

Reaction to anesthesia or medication
Breathing problems
Bleeding problems
Difficulty breastfeeding
Loss of nipple sensation
Uneven nipple position
Different size breasts
Scar tissue
Implant leakage
Implant ripple

Contact your physician if any of the following occur

Pain increases
Redness develops around incision site
Swelling develops
Drainage from incision is bloody, green, yellow or foul smelling
Medication side effects like nausea, vomiting, rash or headache
Fever above 100 degrees by mouth
Loss of motion
Sudden breast swelling

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