Experience in managing patients stay
The best Lithuania medical facilities have an extensive experience in providing services for patients from abroad. Organizing a patient’s stay is supported by specialized intermediaries operating on the Lithuania medical tourism market. If a patient wishes to use additional services, all he/she needs to do is put the request forward to their personal coordinator.Women’s Dresses in San Diego


Short waiting time for medical treatment
In the best Lithuanian medical facilities you don’t have to wait long for a medical service. We will adjust the date of a medical treatment to your needs.Women’s Dresses in San Francisco


Rich natural resources
We encourage patients to use the opportunity for natural resources treatment and prophylaxis at beautifully located Lithuania health-resorts, where a long tradition is effectively combined with advantages of a SPA. In health-resorts we have at our disposal modern and professionally equipped natural therapy facilities as well as a hotel infrastructure.Women’s Dresses in San Jose


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